Hi! I’m Simona, and I briefly introduce myself…


I have been working as a tour guide since 2009, when I decided to turn my personal interests into a job, that I carry out with devotion.After my University Degree in Foreign Languages indeed, I have always tried to follow my passion for art, culture and traditions, reading, visiting museums and travelling a lot, all over the world.

Now I work as a tour guide in Milan in five languages, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese, that I speak fluently, and … I love my job!

What I mostly enjoy is to be in touch with new people from all over the world, a chance to meet new cultures, and to exchange opinions. It’s great to see people who, sometimes, have never been to Italy, and live in a country with so different habits, so you see their wonder and astonishment when they admire our churches, buildings, residences, museums and masterpieces.
I love showing the beauties of Milan, as well as of other cities nearby, such as Como & the Lake, with its stunning views, its marvellous villas, and its fantastic gardens, or the fascinating Upper City of Bergamo, where I was born, with its walls, its narrow streets and its ancient buildings, or Brescia, with its ancient roman remainings.

I have always had a very creative mind, and I love finding new itineraries, tailor made tours, that fit the personal requirements of each single tourist.

As all italian people, of course, I love food and fashion, which – I think – are strongly related with art and culture. So I really enjoy bringing people to farms, to taste some of our local products, like Cheese, Polenta, Ham, Salami and , of course, wine, or to walk around Milan’s downtown talking about our culinary traditions and curiosities, with the chance of popping in some of the amazing food stores, like PEK, or tasting our well-known Aperitivo at Camparino in Galleria.

Any doubts? So, contact me to book your tour!