Do you know that Milan was one of the Capital Cities of the Roman Empire?

Usually known for its modern and contemporary buildings, as well as its fashion district with elegant and expensive shops, and its many offices and banks, Milan clings to history through important monuments and remains. Founded in the 5th century b.C, and conquered by the Romans in 225 b.C, the old Mediolanum was elected Capital City of the Western Roman Empire with the Tetrarchy in 286 a.D., i.e. the division of the Empire in 4 parts. With a population of 220.000 inhabitans, surrounded by walls and all clad with white marble, Milan boasted important monuments, such as a theatre, an amphitheatre, a huge imperial palace, a circustemples, villas and thermal baths. Being conquered and rebuilt many times, nowadays tourists have to look for its remains, that are scattered around the city.

Our itinerary starts with the Archeological Museum in Corso Magenta, where we can enjoy a very interesting map, that help us better orientate, as well as many objects, inscriptions, statues, and last but not least, we can still visit an original tower of the old roman city walls, very well preserved, and climb up the so-called Roman Tower, used as a bell tower of the church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. Thereafter, we head to the ruins of the Imperial Palace, then we walk in the area once covered by the old Circus, and we reach the Church of San Lorenzo, in front of which still stand 16 roman columns! Probably built in the 5th century a.D., the church still boasts major archeological rests, such as the fully preserved Chapel of Sant’Aquilino, 5th century a.D., with remains of original mosaics – visitors can even visit its underground foundations.

Our tour continues to reach the Duomo Square, where we discover the rests housed in the underground station “Duomo” and we visit the Baptistery of Sain John, under the Cathedral, built in the 4th century a.D. and wanted by our Patron, Saint Ambrose.

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