Have you ever dreamt of a boat trip on the lake to admire amazing residences with huge gardens full of flowers or of visiting an elegant and antique villa, with a stunning view? Lake Como offers all of this and much more!

Elected as a holiday resort since the most ancient times, thanks to its mild climate and its beautiful landscapes, Lake Como is still one of the most favourite spots of stars, celebrities and wealthy people from all over the world. Its shores are dotted with tiny little villages as well as beautiful villas that can be admired only by boat.

Our tour starts from the city of Como, where we visit the Duomo, i.e. the Cathedral, the last Gothic church built in Italy. Its construction took about 350 year, so it’s a blend of different styles, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, all together to make an amazing harmony. Next to the church stands the so-called Broletto, i.e. the old medieval City Hall, built in the 14th century, and now used for cultural events. Behind the Duomo, we can admire Social Theatre, with its neoclassical façade, as well as the Casa del Fascio, one of the most important rationalist buildings in Italy, planned by the Giuseppe Terragni.

Our walking tour in the narrow streets of the city centre, flanked by old buildings, to reach the old medieval city walls and the Porta Torre, an ancient access gate, near which stand some roman columns sustaining the entrance to the baroque church of Santa Cecilia.

We then head to the old Market Square, where we can admire two ancient buildings dating back to the 15th century, as well as the church of San Fedele, among the most important ones in Como, started in the 11th century but renovated different times, which houses medieval frescoes as well as lots of baroque decorations.

Last but not least, before reaching the lake shore, we stop in front of the statue of Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), the inventor of the electrical battery, born in Como, he lived and worked all his life here. In 1927 the city dedicated him the so-called Volta Temple, a kind of Pantheon that stands on the lake shore and houses a museum with the inventions, experiments and objects belonged to the great scientist.

Back to the lake we take a boat trip to Bellagio, in about 2 hours we will have the chance to enojoy a unique panorama, with green mountains that mirror on the lake, as well as villas, botanical gardens and tiny little villages, full of colourful houses.

From Como harbour we can see the so-called “Life Electric” made by Daniel Liebeskind in 2015, an impressive sculpture reached by a boardwalk, that the artist dedicated to Volta, representing the tension between two poles.

Then we can admire the funicolar, opened in 1895, that reach the nice tiny village of Brunate, on the top of the hill, with restaurants and caffès that offer a stunning view of the lake.

After leaving the harbour we will see the majestic Villa Olmo, on the left, built in the 18th century, and now property of the City of Como and used for art exhibitions and events, as well as the Villa Geno, on the right, with its beautiful fountain in the middle of the lake that reaches a 45 m height.

We than pass by Cernobbio, with the fascinating Villa Erba, that belonged to the grandparents of the movie maker Luchino Visconti, surrounded by a gorgeous flat garden, and now used for events as well as conferences; after the little harbour we can’t miss the imposing and elegant Villa d’Este, now one of the most renowned hotels in Italy.

The lake shores will offer us spectular and breathless views, passing by Moltrasio we will admire the Villa Fontanelle, once owned by Versace, as well as by Torno, with the spectacular Villa Pliniana, now a five star luxurious hotel, by Laglio, a very small village that became famous for the Villa Oleandra, now owned by George Cluney.

In a while we will admire the Island Comacina, the only one of the Lake, that now houses a cafè and restaurant, as well as the so-called “Residences for the artists”, very nice houses owned by Milan’s Academy of Brera.

Here the view is breathless, since we come to the Villa del Balbianello, on the tip of a wonderful peninsula, with its unique garden, dotted with perfectly shaped trees and its fantastic flower beds. The villa is a museum and can be visited from March to October.

Last but not least, before reaching Bellagio, we will pass by Tremezzo, a very famous holiday resort, with elegant and exclusive hotels, where we can admire the stunning panorama of the Villa Carlotta, with its amazing botanical garden, one of the most renowned in Italy.

Once arrived in Bellagio, we can walk around, to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful village, called “the pearl of the lake”, we can get to the Spartivento point, where both branches of the lake, i.e. Lake Como and Lake Lecco, meet, here the panorama is gorgeous and we can take great pictures. Bellagio offers a variety of restaurants and cafes along the lake shore, so if you don’t want to walk, you can just sit down and enjoy the view.

Hikers will love to explore the many paths that sorround the village, and they can climb to the famous Villa Serbelloni, or again visit the beautiful Villa Melzi, with its magnificent botanical garden.

And last but not least, shopping is a must here, Bellagio has lots of shops, especially of silk and leather items.

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  • Duration: full day
  • Points of interest: Villa Olmo; Cernobbio; Villa Erba; Villa d'Este; Villa Fontanelle; Torno; Villa Pliniana; Isola Comacina; Tremezzo; Villa Carlotta; Bellagio; Villa Melzi; Villa Serbelloni; Punta Spartivento