The Milanese Risotto

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Let’s dip into the milanese culinary traditions and their history. A fascinating journey to discover one of the most famous dishes in the world: the saffron risotto.

Did you know that in the countryside just out of Milan there are large rice plantations? But when was its cultivation introduced in our region? And why? How did the tradition of saffron risotto start? And again, where does the saffron come from?

Beginning from the Duomo Square, the heart of the city, right in front of the imposing cathedral, let’s trace back the history of this ancient Milanese recipe, through historical facts, of course witnessed by documents that are still preserved in some of our most important liberaries, as well as curious legends and folk tales. Looking at the magnificent stained glass windows of the church, we will wonder when the saffron was first introduced in the recipe and what was its use before that time.

Walking along the Via Torino, we will penetrate the narrow streets bustling with commercial activities that feature this ancient district, and we will pop into one of the most famous historical corner shops or delis to discover the essential ingredients to make the best risotto and to understand their close connection with the Milanese customs as well as the importance they have played in its daily diet over the centuries.

Continuing our walk through history and folk traditions we will reach the picturesque district of the Navigli, to discover how some essential ingredients of the recipe, such as butter and cheese, were transported up to here and where they were stored.

But our tour can’t come to an end without the chance to taste an excellent “Risotto alla Milanese” in an authentic local trattoria!


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